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Brown Amonite Fossil  Marble From Morocco

Fossil Brown Marble, Pietra Di Erfoud Marmi

Fossil Brown Marble, Pietra Di Erfoud Marmi

Fossil Brown Marble, Pietra Di Erfoud Marmi

Fossil Brown Marble, Pietra Di Erfoud Marmi

Fossil Brown Marble, Pietra Di Erfoud Marmi


Pietra Natural Stone, is the world largest supplier of Moroccan marble, travertine, limestone, and granite and specialy rare,jurassic, exotic fossil marbles. Our fossil brown marble has rare fossils called orthoceras fossil (meaning "straight horn") were primitive types of nautiloids that looked like squid with a long, straight (or slightly curved), conical, chambered, and furrowed shell. The shell ranged from a few centimeters to over 9 feet long. The Orthoceras lived in the largest chamber in the shell. These invertebrates swam in shallow seas using jet-propulsion and breathed with gills. Orthoceras lived from the middle Ordovician Period to the Devonian Period, from about 470 to 360 million years ago. Fossil brown marble comes also with ammonite fossils are extremely rich in the information they yield to scientists. These extinct marine animals, which thrived in the Paleozoic and Mesozoic Eras, some 400 to 65 million years ago, were cephalopods, and are thus related to squid, octopus, cuttlefish, and the chambered nautilus.
Ammonites were able to swim, thanks to the unique construction of their shell, which was divided into a series of air chambers. The air in the chambers provided buoyancy for the animal to float; like modern cephalopods, they probably moved through the water using jet propulsion.

Fossils of ammonites are found all over the world. As different species of ammonites lived during different time periods, scientists can use these animals to determine the relative age of the rocks in which their fossils are found (such fossils are called "index fossils"). Because ammonites lived exclusively in marine environments, their presence also indicates the location of prehistoric seas.

Many ammonites, including this example, preserve their original shell material and are quite beautiful. Scientists at the American Museum of Natural History are currently studying the evolution and life history of these ancient creatures.

Our fossil brown marble ( pietra di erfoud marble) comes in blocks, slabs, tiles, sinks,fountins, columns, furniture, and fountains. We currently distribute our fossil marble worldwide to Europe, Australia, south Africa, Canada, Japan, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, t countries. During our fossil marble production, we use the latest Italian stone technology and make sure our fossil marble products pass quality control test.

Fossil brown marble slabs comes in two different finishes such as honed finish and polished finish. Most of our fossil marble slabs are 9 ft * 4.5 ft and comes in two different thicknesses such as 2cm ( 3/4 inch) and 3cm (1.25 inch). custom thicknesses are available upon requested.


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